NCKF in the future

The National Centre for Film Culture is an exceptional place for all interested in film and audiovisual culture, an unusual space of revitalized heat and power plant EC1-East, in the heart of the New Centre of Łódź.

Upon completion of the construction work, NCKF will be the one and only in this part of Europe centre for culture and film education

Fot. Paweł Augustyniak

Three permanent exhibitions will be available.


The phenomenon of film and cinema shown through the prism of evolution of audiovisual technologies. Original exhibits and interactive replicas, multimedia installations and three-dimensional projections

The “Mechanical Eye” exhibition, characterised by postindustrial, steam-punk aesthetics, tells the history of filmmaking and the development of film techniques against transformations connected with various forms of mechanisation of vision. With the help of holograms, fogscreens and video mapping it will show the “prehistory” of contemporary digital cinematic technology, using the archaeological method of uncovering successive layers of the past. It will point to the durability of media techonologies, depicting the modern film projector almost as a direct descendant of the magic lantern.


"Mechanical Eye", nsMoonStudio, Plasma Project oraz AWP Systems


An interactive “film game”: from the creation of script, through budget, casting and work on filmset to post-production and distribution.

The "Matter of Cinema” path will be devoted to successive phases of filming. The possibility to choose game as one of the visiting modes is what will distinguish it from the other exhibitions. Consecutive sites will be interlinked to form a tournament, within the frames of which guests will be able to carry out tasks connected with various stages of film production, such as: completing the film crew, choosing the cast, planning camera movement, coming up with the title and designing the project of a film poster or planning the budget of production and promotion.


"Matter of Cinema", nsMoonStudio, Plasma Project oraz AWP Systems


The development of film culture and domestic filmmaking from the viewer’s perspective. Places, films, creators and events; trends, fashions, film studios, cinemas and stars: 120 years of the history of cinema within the extraordinary space of a narrative, multimedia exhibition show.

“Kino Polonia” was intended as a grand story about the history of film culture on Polish lands. It will be illustrated by original props, costumes, elements of decoration, technical equipment and documents, as well as posters, film neon signs, tickets and magazines. Visitors will be able to get to know the history, masterpieces and outstanding artists: directors, cameramen, producers and composers, as well as phenomena that have been marginalised so far: Yiddish cinema of the 1930s, cinefication of the 1940s and 1950s, development of amateur film clubs or evolution of the system of film production. All will be presented with the use of a wide spectrum of exhibition measures that mingle original costumes, documents, gadgets and fragments of scenography with numerous replicas, multimedia installations, video essays, audiovisual sculptures and large-format projections.


"Kino Polonia", nsMoonStudio, Plasma Project oraz AWP Systems

Didactic paths will be supplemented by a spectrum of educational activities to be provided in dedicated space of a sound stage, and a TV, sound and special effects studio.

Vast spaces will provide place for numerous temporary expositions, with white cube exhibitions, micro-exhibitions, visual installations, multimedia sculptures, large-format mapping projections and poster displays.

An ultramodern library with a multimedia workshop will enable access to digital resources of Polish and world cinema.

Multimedia lab, nsMoonStudio, Plasma Project oraz AWP Systems

An arthouse cinema with 3 screening rooms and 260 viewers will be a place for special screenings, reviews, festivals and shows of films from current programme, as well as meetings with cinema personalities, panel discussions and open conferences.


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