Cinephiles, unite and participate in the creation of a unique film collection!

We invite artists, collectors and the cinema audience to co-create the collection of the National Centre for Film Culture, which visitors will be able to see entwined in an extraordinary, unique story about the past and the present of cinema in Poland: the “Polonia Cinema” exhibition.

Film equipment, documents and magazines; posters, film neon signs and tickets; clapperboards, film stills and cine films; awards, manuscripts and commemorative photographs. All of them will get a new life and help visitors to feel the atmosphere of consecutive eras in film and history; they will evoke memories, make visitors stop and think, and be an inspiration for new ideas.

Our collection already includes, among others, the Silver Bear for “Pokot” (Spoor). What trophy will be next?



If you are willing to donate or deposit film memorabilia, you are welcome to contact us:  +48 42 233 50 55,


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