For the team of the National Centre for Film Culture, film education means promoting conscious and active participation in film culture through joint study of national and international film oeuvres, discussions, criticism, amateur and fan fiction.

The educational projects of the National Centre for Film Culture will present cinema from a broad perspective: not only as a form of art and means of communication, but also as a technology, a branch of industry and one of the many spheres of the entertainment world.



The educational projects will be closely coordinated with permanent exhibitions.



Participants will get to know the physiological fundamentals of eyesight, rules of dispersion of light as well as the mechanics of movement recording and projection. They will construct optical toys, such as phenakistiscopes, zoetropes, cineographs or stereoscopes; take part in creating non-camera and traditional animation; get to know classic techniques of photography, the basics of pinhole photography as well as the rules of film editing and playing films by means of 8 mm and 16 mm projectors.




The didactic path devoted to the lifecycle of film will be accompanied by workshops training basic film production skills: producing TV material and classic educational films with commentary, writing screenplays, drawing storyboards, working on set, film editing, sound post-production and creating special effects. There will also be space for professional training and sector presentations.




The path devoted to the history of cinema on Polish territory will be correlated with games and reconstructions facilitating learning the history of Polish cinema. The participants will re-enact scenes from Polish films, provide their fragments with a soundtrack in accordance with or contrary to the screenplay, and take part in games whose aim will be to solve a mystery, using archival material.


For the purposes of the educational activities of the National Centre for Film Culture, a manual workshop space will be created, which will comprise: a photographic studio, a darkroom, sites for creating animation and working with projectors as well as a 3D printer; post-production workshop space equipped with computer stations with professional software for film editing, colour correction and grading as well as creating 3D animations; a TV studio, sound stage, recording studio and seminar rooms.

Our offer will be directed at all age groups: from nursery school pupils, through students, to adults and seniors. Its precise shape will emerge with the onset of permanent exhibitions, but even now it is possible to take part in our first projects.


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