As a medium of creative expression, film has never been so prevalent outside cinema buildings as now: on TV, computer, tablet and smartphone screen; on building façades as a space for mapping or the dome of a planetarium; in shops, offices and as an element of museum exhibitions. Evolving, it has given rise to a number of new audio-visual forms that broaden the unstable boundaries of film work: interactive documentaries, audio-visual essays or hallucinatory worlds of virtual reality.

By launching the i-Film project, we are creating in Łódź a place that will be inextricably linked with what contemporary cinema is and what it is becoming; a research space for various formats of “non-film”: network, gallery and applied projects created today and in the past, whose status and value is not always based on the criteria of artistic significance or commercial attractiveness. “i-Film” will be a platform for sharing knowledge and experience between researchers, creators and institutions dealing with phenomena related to film, in particular interactive film, cinematic VR, audio-visual essay and film as an exhibition tool in gallery and museum spaces.

What do we do?

  • interactive films, including web-docs;
  • audio-visual essays;
  • cinematic VR;
  • film as an exhibition tool


What are our aims?

  • networking activities, both national and international;
  • research/academic activities (Research Lab, panel discussions, conferences);
  • educational activities (“Video essay creation/VR for schools”, workshops)
  • archival activities (multimedia pods, VR café);
  • popularising activities (promotional meetings, festivals, Internet platform);
  • business activity

What do we want to offer?

For academics:

  • discussions, meetings, exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • the possibility to redirect undergraduate and postgraduate students to projects created by i-Film in order to develop their theoretical and practical skills;
  • research co-operation

For practitioners:

  • promotion of their work during author’s meetings and via everyday access in multimedia pods;
  • the possibility to share experience during workshops, to obtain collaborators and create an audience;
  • production support: access to computers, editing software and databases

For businesses:

  • promotion of products, services and ideas during sector meetings and everyday activities
  • pitching sessions (as a target: via an Internet platform)
  • contact databases

For amateurs and enthusiasts:

  • the most interesting works in the genre;
  • panels, workshops, residential programmes
  • networking
  • touring educational and promotional programmes that make it possible to familiarise oneself with various forms of digital culture



Paweł Sołodki