Histories of the future

We kindly invide students and pupils to participate in a unique project of film workshops "Histories of the Future".

Under the watchful eye of professional filmmakers: directors, acting instructors, cinematographers, sound, lighting and stage designers we will watch, decode, dissect, assemble and... make Polish movies using professional equipment.


Workshop schedule:

15.-17.09.2017 Film screenings
22.- 24.09.2017 Workshop - film analysis
29.09 - 01.10.2017 Workshop - script and storyboards
6.-8.10.2017 Workshop - film set
27.-29.10.2017 Workshop - editing and sound design
03.-05.11.2017 Workshop - film transformations


Price: 200,00 zł.
The number of participants is limited


Contact us: warsztatynckf@ec1lodz.pl