I.    Scope of the collection


The collection of the National Centre for Film Culture will comprise the exhibits from the international film history and technology, featured within three permanent expositions: “Kino Polonia”, “Mechanical Eye” and “Matter of the Cinema”. We build exhibitions basing on the objects acquired from contemporary filmmakers, film institutions, private individuals, fans of the industry, culture, film idea, technology and art, and prehistory of the cinema.


II. Acquisition of the exhibits

1. Purchases from private individuals and antique dealers.
2. Donations from private individuals

III. Thematic collections

1. Film memorabilia (documents, memories, photographs, props, costumes, fragments of movies)
2. Audiovisual records (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, VHS etc.)
3. Movie accessories, stage equipment, film technologies
4. Posters, flyers, tickets, albums


IV. Exhibit evaluation criteria

All potential purchases will be evaluated for quality, value and suitability for the collection needs. Exhibits that complement existing collections or are consistent with exhibit policiy will be accepted. The museum resources and the library will collect the materials in analog and digital formats.

V. Form of support

Donation to the National Center for Film Culture, allowing to assign the Donor's title or honor the Donor. Donations are made through the conclusion of a donation agreement, in accordance with the Polish Civil Code. The parties to the agreement are those expressing their will to donate to the National Centre for Film Culture and the NCFK itself. The donations are included in the collection, that will be made available to the public for exhibition, scientific and educational purposes. The gift At the moment of signing the contract, the donated object becomes the property of the National Center for Film Culture.

The donation agreement consists of:
1. a precise description of the object of donation and its value;
2. an agenda for the donation;
3. confidentiality and disclosure clause;
4. free disposal clause or – in case of the targeted donation – assignment of the object.




Rafał Pakuła