From dreams of flying to the dream factory. "Polish Leonardos" at NCKF

Planned for November, the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - the Energy of Mind", will be the biggest undertaking of "EC1 Łódź - the City of Culture" hitherto. Models and interactive installations, constructed basing on the preserved works of the brilliant engineer and artist, will come from France and Italy. The projects of the Polish inventors, who contributed to the development of the cinema, aviation, textile industry and even television, will form an important part of the exposition.


Among the most interesting exhibits of the Polish component will be a bio-pleograph - a cinemate device created at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries by Kazimierz Prószyński."We have two pictures and the description, basing on which we are planning the reconstruction" - says Piot Kulesza, responsible for the project. One of the Prószyński's projetcs, allowing for the recording and projection of the moving images, was created even before the Lumière brothers' cinematograph saw the light of day. "If he had patented his invention, we wold talk about the pleography, and not: cinematography today - adds Piotr Kulesza.



Among the inventions of Jan Szczepanik, called the "Edison of Galicia", there are: jacard fabrics production programming, colour photography and film, image transmission and...  a bulletproof vest. Jan Wnęk – a self-taught carpenter and sculptor, is believed to be the inventor od the world's first manned aircraft, and Czesław Tański was the constructor of the first Polish glider.