About NCKF

An exceptional place for all those interested in the world of film and audiovisual culture. Engrossing storytelling about the realization of dreams about the moving picture in an unusual space of revitalized heat and power plant EC1-East, in the heart of the New Centre of Łódź.

Upon completion of the construction work, scheduled for 2016-2019, the Centre will serve as a cultural and expositional hub dedicated to film culture, pivotal in Poland and unique in this part of Europe.


Fot. Paweł Augustyniak


By 2019 three exhibitions will have been created here: :


  • “Mechanical eye” will be a multimedia travel in time from the era of digital cinema, to the epoch of film reels and analogue projectors, to the beginnings of cinematography. Devoted to the technological and social aspects of the cinema: history of cinematography and evolution of audiovisual technologies seen of the background of the processes of the mechanisation of vision imaging, it will make use of original exhibits and interactive replicas, multimedia installations and spatial projections;


  • “The substance of cinema” will offer an interactive travel through successive stages of film-making: from scriptwriting, financing, casting, costumes, stage-setting and shooting, through postproduction: editing, soundtracking end special effects, to distribution. What will distinguish the path from the rest of the exhibitions will be the ability to choose a game as one of the modes of visting. On successive stations the visitors will carry out tasks related to different stages of film production, such as: assembling the production team; casting; planning camera movement, inventing the title and design of a poster, or planning of the production and promotion budget.


  • Kino Polonia” will be a full of panache story about the film culture history on Polish lands from the first screening to contemporary times, as seen from the spectator's perspective. Development of the local film culture and cinematography will be illustrated with original props, costumes, decorations, tools and documents, as well as film posters, cinema neons, tickets and magazines. The visitors will get to know about the history, filmmakers and their works, as well as the cinematic phenomena,  benefiting from a wide range of modern exposition techniques, combining original costumes, documents, gadgets and scenography with numerous replicas, multimedia installations, video productions, audiovisual sculptures and large format projections.


Fot. Paweł Augustyniak


Didactic paths will be supplemented by a spectrum of educational activities: conferences, film screenings and workshops for all age groups.

An ultramodern library with a multimedia workshop will enable access to digital resources of Polish and world cinema, and a 3-room arthouse cinema will host projections, festivals and meetings.



The National Centre's for Film Culture grand opening is planned for the turn of 2019 and 2020.


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